Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrated software system designed to help companies manage and automate various aspects of their operations and business. ERP systems provide a centralized platform that integrates various business modules or functions so that data can move smoothly throughout the organization.

Highlight ERP

Software systems designed to help companies or organizations integrate and manage various business processes

Integrasi Proses Bisnis

ERP integrates various business processes, from human resources management to supply chain and finance, allowing data to flow efficiently across the organization

Cost Savings

While initial implementation may involve significant costs, in the long run, ERP can help save costs by reducing the need for separate systems, optimizing processes, and minimizing human error.

Improved Customer Service

Through the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, ERP supports companies in providing better customer service by providing visibility into customer interactions and purchasing history.

Increased Team Productivity

Automating routine tasks and providing centralized information, teams can work more efficiently, collaborate well, and focus on activities that add value

Integrated with company systems

Can be integrated with internal company systems to automate tax compliance

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Sales Activity Management

Strategy in terms of managing and optimizing various activities

Sales Management

Activities to manage sales of a company with the aim of achieving targets

Purchase Management

Products required for operations are obtained according to business needs

Material and Inventory Management

Managing the inventory of goods or raw materials for a company or organization

Financial and Accounting Management

The process of managing company finances efficiently and effectively

Sales Pipeline

Supporting by skillful consultant with appropriate knowledges required for the project.

Team Assignment

Assignments given to a team or group of people to complete a project