Warehouse Management System

warehouse management system or system designed to optimize warehouse operational and management processes. WMS aims to increase efficiency, accuracy and visibility in inventory management and warehouse operational activities.

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Software systems designed to manage and optimize warehouse or distribution center operations

Receiving and Inspecting Goods

WMS helps in recording and verifying the receipt of goods entering the warehouse. Information such as quantity, condition, and quality of goods can be recorded.

Storage and Placement of Goods

This system helps in determining the optimal storage location for each type of item based on characteristics such as size, weight or nature.

Inventory Tracking and Visibility

WMS provides real-time visibility into inventory, enabling better monitoring and faster decision making.

Integration with Other Systems

WMS can be integrated with other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and TMS (Transportation Management System) to provide better coordination in the supply chain.

Integrated with company systems

Can be integrated with internal company systems to automate tax compliance