Human Resource Information System

Information system specifically designed to assist in managing information related to human resources (HR) or the workforce of an organization. This system integrates information technology with human resource management functions, facilitating the collection, storage, analysis and management of employee-related data.


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Information system specifically designed to manage and store data related to human resources (HR) or the workforce of an organization

Data Analysis and Reporting

HRIS provides data analysis and reporting tools to help management make informed decisions supported by data.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Having comprehensive information about customers, companies can improve service, provide better solutions, and effectively retain existing customers

Employee Self-Service

Some HRIS provide self-service functionality that allows employees to access their personal information, request leave, or update personal data.

Work management

HRIS helps in the process of employee performance appraisal, goal setting, and employee development.

Integrated with company systems

Can be integrated with internal company systems to automate tax compliance

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Employee Self Service

Human resource management that provides independent access

Leave Management

Monitor, manage and record leave or permission taken by employees

Attendance Management

Processes carried out to monitor, manage and record employee attendance

Travel Administration Management

Processes aimed at managing the business journey of a company

Tax PPh 21 & BPJS Calculation

Processes of calculating and managing income tax and social contributions

Payroll Management

Management of administration and employee benefits of a company